Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baywords is back!

Running WordPress 3.0 Posted on June 29, 2010Comments Off We finally took the time to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. All blogs should now be running the new system flawlessly!http://baywords.com/==================Take Note!:You had another MFS archives story option...now off for comments & participation fault:MFS© Our History on Baywords(2006-2010) – 3.530 Posts – 2.332.792 Visitors In 4 Years

Sad, bad, a shame for all the free internet community: My Jazz World quits....

From My Jazz World blog:I call it quits! June 29th, 2010Posted in General InfoBy SmoothWrite comment I have been running this blog for the love of music and the preservation of the art form for quite a while now. My visitors included musicians, students, producers, and music aficionados from all over the world. Many people have expressed their gratitude for my work and

Di male in peggio...notizie dal Bel Paese

NESSUN TELEGIORNALE HA AVUTO IL PERMESSO DI DIFFONDERE QUESTA NOTIZIAIeri il Senato ha approvato il cosiddetto pacchetto sicurezza (D.d..L. 733) tra gli altri con un emendamento del senatore Gianpiero D'Alia (UDC) identificato dall'articolo 50-bis: "Repressione di attività di apologia o istigazione a delinquere compiuta a mezzo internet"; la prossima settimana Il testo approderà alla Camera

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Info: Focus on Detroit

From Dyson Show (http://dysonshow.org/): June 7, 2010 by Staff · Leave a Comment Jack Ashford is one of the original Funk BrothersToday’s edition of the Michael Eric Dyson Show is all about Detroit—the Motor City, Motown, the “D.” Whatever name you prefer to call it, the fact is that few cities have had a greater impact on the country’s economic, social, and cultural

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Important Notice!

Downtime As some of you noticed, including a number of major media organizations, WordPress.com had some unexpected downtime on Thursday evening. Whether you’re eating delicious BBQ, as I was, watching a marathon, or about to post your opus, downtime is an annoying interruption and we hate it. This had nothing to do with our network providers,