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Choice of a white kitchen cabinets

While you are planning to renovate your kitchen, several factors must be taken into account. The floor tiles, walls and tile backsplash, paint colors, cars, kitchen countertops and cabinets are important elements of a space in the well-designed kitchen. Of these, cabinets play an important role in the creation of this space, as they are larger and cover a large part of the kitchen. With a wide range of colors that you can incorporate into your kitchen cabinets, you are sure to get confused when choosing one. Whether you are renovating your existing kitchen or working on a new one, you can opt for kitchen cabinets white. Yes, white cabinets looks very nice. Do not take our word for it. Get a taste of white paint and try your room furniture discarded old to have an idea about it.

The reasons for the choice of a white kitchen cabinets

If you wonder why we have to choose white furniture when we have a range of options in terms of colors, here's the answer. The white kitchen cabinet is very versatile. When considering the addition of kitchen cabinets modern design, nothing can be better than white cabinets. Antique white kitchen cabinets can also be an option if your kitchen is already wood cabinets. In addition, storage cabinets white kitchen works well with colorful furniture placed in your kitchen. They look great with any color of paint and blend into any style, and color of the kitchen backsplash.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets

Most people pay close attention to the design of the kitchen, since they usually turn to become living room where everyone gathers for meals. Designing a kitchen is equipped with responsibility for planning the layout of the kitchen and determines the placement of the refrigerator, microwave and cooking utensils, such as the creation of kitchen furniture. In order to ensure the correct positioning is necessary to know the dimensions of kitchen furniture. Especially kitchen cabinets have standard dimensions, for example those produced by the company. You may need to change depending on individual needs, but will be more expensive and time consuming. Once you know the standard format, you can design your kitchen accordingly, saving time and money that goes into custom kitchen cabinets. Well, if you know how to build kitchen cabinets, you can save money.

Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets

While standard sizes in most homes are equal, these may vary depending on the model used for cooking. It is difficult to say exactly what the size of the kitchen should be, but in the following sections we will explain the various factors that determine the size of the kitchen cabinets should be.

Base Cabinets
The dimensions of the guide are generally a depth of approximately 24 centimeters and a height of 34 to 42 inches. These different dimensions according to the design of kitchen furniture, the placement and positioning. Place a counter, the bottom of the box has been increased to about 36 centimeters. It is possible to adjust the height of the cab, if they are large and do not want to lean too low to get things. At a depth of 24 cm, it is easy for everyone to get things in the closet.

Wall Cupboards
As is the case with base, wall dimensions are also generally standard. The height of the wall units differ more for its location and size of the average height is between 12 to 42. The depth of these cabinets are normally maintained at 12 to 13 inches. If you are connected, it is hanging on the kitchen counter as you would normally need to enter about 54 inches off the ground and if it is suspended above the stove, then there must be at least 24 cm above the stove where it is. This is extremely important to prevent the sliding in the kitchen. With a built-in wardrobe, ceiling height, in general, tends to be around 30 inches and measures about 42 inches, with no ceiling. The width of the cabinets can corresponding to the width of the base of the cabinet. Having similar dimensions, especially when the width is concerned, the kitchen provides a sense of uniformity and improves the decoration of the kitchen.

Other types of cabinets
If you have decided to have a cabinet under the kitchen sink, the size of the box depends on the way in which they are provided. Corner sink cabinet dimensions are usually 36 cm high, 36 cm wide and 24 cm deep. This works great for kitchens that have a sink at right angles. If it is a furniture design, the dimensions are 42 x 42 x 24. If your home is located in a corner of the bar and have a cupboard above are generally measures about 30 x 15 cm. While the minimum width of most kitchen cabinets that are sold today is about 36 inches, may be a good idea to opt for furniture that are a bit 'wider. If you wish, you can have cabinets above the refrigerator, with a depth of about 24 inches.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Build New Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. A kitchen should always be decorated maintaining good color scheme in mind to create a pleasant atmosphere. A kitchen should not only have beautiful interiors, must be functional. A stylish kitchen is not complete when you have the right type of equipment used for the build a new design of kitchen cabinets. The key to this problem lies in the proper use of space without creating a mess.
New Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are very useful for storage. These new cabinets allow maximum storage. Put all food or dishes in the new kitchen cabinet even can make a kitchen appear larger. Available for every kitchen should always include cabinets are designed to store many types of parts. However, the cost of buying a piece of furniture can tend to be on the expensive side. This is when most families choose to design your kitchen cabinet. Do it yourself is definitely a good idea to do things themselves kits are available in stores in the country. You can use this rule of thumb to improve the decor of your kitchen.
Build New Kitchen Cabinets

Tips and techniques for the construction of new kitchen cabinets

First, you must decide which type of wood to use. There are four types of wood that are widely used to construct closets. Cherry, red oak, maple and / or pine are some of the different types of wood available. Each type of wood has its own unique quality. Of these, the pine wood quality is relatively soft.

Kitchen cabinets should be painted in a color that you want. It also depends on the type of wood you choose. For maple, there is no restriction on the nature of the shadow to be selected for the kitchen. The finish generally depends in large part on how the wood reacts to the position.

The type of the selected panel determines the overall look of the structure. Closet doors is determined by considering in the kitchen and the number of shelves and compartments must be created. It is also necessary to incorporate in the design of the drawers. The type of objects to be placed inside must be taken into consideration for the height and the length of the drawer. The wood used must be strong enough to hold all the required documents.

Always accurately measure the area. Accurate measurements will help you have a kitchen cabinet that fits perfectly in the space. Measures are needed to cut wood for the final design of the cabinet. Always measure twice for specifics.
Build New Kitchen Cabinets

Refer to magazines Home Interior to know different of new kitchen designs that are available on the market. This will give you an idea about the latest trends. Details of the plan. For example, the type of grip chosen also reflects completely the appearance of the kitchen cabinet.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is Skimmer For

What is special about this skimmer / spoon and what it does? No need to worry, the term may be unknown, but the spoon should never be. We all use the spoon at one time or another, because they are an inseparable part of the family kitchen cutlery. Anyone familiar with the kitchen has seen one of them and perhaps use them. I'll give you a hint, a touch. The spoons come in all shapes and sizes, and have holes or cracks in the ... say something?

Look, I told you it would be a skimmer is used to help recover some of the solid, liquid, allowing liquid to seep through the cracks and return to pot. They were made with holes to make cooking easier and less dangerous, this spoon was created to separate the hot oil fried foods, which protects the fingers and hands burned chef with oil spills, and explosions of bubbles. These spoons are generally very long handles that give the chef enough distance to stay away from the stove. Acts as a sieve which retains the liquid in the cooking vessel while being able to separate the solid food for consumption.

Behind the skimmer
Traditionally, during 1700 the first spoonful of this type has been specially designed to be used for the manufacture of liquor and hallucinogen called wormwood, was once nearly 90% more powerful than those sold today. This absinthe spoon or ladle then called the green fairy, was used to hold the pieces of sugar in which liquid is poured to flavor alcoholic drinks. The following examples use clearer for you.

Use a spoon / Skimmer

Helps eliminate fried foods from hot oil, like French fries, fried chicken, sausages, etc.
  1. To separate the water boiling food, such as pasta, noodles.
  2. To separate the vegetables from the broth or sauce.
  3. To separate the water boiled vegetables.
  4. To serve the pieces on the board.
  5. To remove the sugar syrup in fruit preserves.
  6. To remove the ice cubes in drinks.
  7. To remove food sauces.

The spoons come in different shapes and sizes depending on the food portions or servings. Two types of slotted spoon for kitchen and one another to restore the decorative. The slotted spoon to eat a very attractive design them that make each piece unique. The size of the slotted serving spoon can be used for a dining table for smaller portions. The bags large spoons of different sizes of greater capacity and are often used to eliminate much of the meat from the pan. These spoons are also useful for draining food.

You can buy stainless steel spoons on the market, but they are very affordable as stainless steel is not very expensive and durable. These stainless steel spoons are not allowed to develop bacteria or germs in their holes as they are very easy to clean. Although these can not be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. These spoons can be made of all sorts of materials, steel, plastic, wood or teflon and have various designs in which there must always be around. Plastic spoons Slots are considered the easiest to use, but they also have a disadvantage because there is no guarantee if the spoon may melt or less when put in contact with a hot pot or pan. The quality of plastic and should be checked before purchase. Must be of good quality, no added dyes are toxic to them. These plastic spoons are safe for the dishwasher. Carved wooden spoons remain for years, if used correctly, are not heated and are easy to clean. Only that you should never put in the dishwasher or damaged or even removed. There are elegant and spoons made of money, you can add to your collection of silverware please.

Considerations While buying used kitchen equipment

Starting a restaurant business is to make the necessary investment in the lease of a restaurant suitable for analysis, competitive strategy and the purchase of kitchen equipment. The purchase of kitchen equipment is very different from the purchase of kitchen equipment for the home. The difference can be attributed to the volume of food to cook in a restaurant. Professional kitchen equipment are bigger, stronger and therefore more expensive. The restaurant owners generally prefer to rent or buy used equipment professional kitchen instead of investing in new equipment.

Kitchen Essentials

Tools teams warming drawers, ovens, grills, bakery and confectionery products, cookware, food processors and mixers, racks and metal food containers, refrigerators, sinks and commercial dishwasher commercial kitchen equipment are essential. The common attribute of heavy vehicles is their durability.

Advantages of buying used cooking equipment

Advantageous: General, restorers can buy the commercial kitchen equipment used by slightly a fraction of the price of new equipment. A refurbished unit is, of course, much cheaper. However, before buying a reconditioned unit, make sure the seller is reliable and that the unit meets quality standards. For example, a combination of marginally commercial convection oven can be purchased used for 1/5th the price of a new furnace. The reason for having to pay a much lower price for the equipment used can be attributed to the short life of the depreciable kitchen. On average, new commercial kitchen equipment are amortized over a period of 5 or 7 years.

Warranty: As a general rule, used kitchen equipment (restaurant) also come with a warranty, such as sustainability or ability to withstand poor management is one of the most important features of commercial kitchen equipment.

Considerations While buying used kitchen equipment

Past performance: You should try to delve into the history of the performance of the products to ensure that the team is not sold at a lower price due to a malfunction. For example, a convection oven can be used removed from a functional restaurant because the danger of fire. Appointment in the freezer, which may have caused frequent power outages due to overheating may have been removed by the previous owner. The aspiring restaurant owner should not end up buying the damaged equipment.

Status: In the event that the product is purchased by a restaurant, it would be reasonable to inspect the product and see what used to ensure that the product is not sold because it is defective.

Safety standards: The dealer, whose material was purchased, must be reliable and must bear the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), certified equipment. NSF Approval is based on product design, the ease with which the product can be cleaned and the toxicology report of material used to manufacture the device. If the instrument is NSF certified, you can be sure it meets safety standards.

It may not be possible for a restaurant owner to weigh all these factors before buying the material used by commercial kitchen. Therefore, it may be wise to purchase or lease a new team after taking the necessary measures for the financing of equipment.

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Download Camel Wild Picture

Download Camel Wild Picture

Download Camel Wild Picture

Download Camel Wild Picture

Download Camel Wild Picture -2

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The Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

The christmas will be coming, and we should prepare our home for celebrate christmas as well as can.
christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design

christmas home design

View 2011 Christmas Home Design


Martin Luther King, Jr. (January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968) was an American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. He is best known for being an iconic figure in the advancement of civil rights in the United States and around the world, using nonviolent methods following the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. King has become a national icon in the

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Una Storia Di Vita E Musica: ''My Life In Live Concert'' (Part Six)

MY LIFE IN LIVE CONCERT 61998. Annata leggera per quantità di LIVE visti ma PESANTE per l’unica data a cui ho partecipato… la mia seconda volta per JAMES BROWN LIVE ! Nell’estate del ’98 avevo preso l’appartamento al mare con alcuni amici al Lido Di Spina (Lidi di Comacchio) e mi ero appena lasciato con la fidanzata di allora… pertanto i miei week end si sviluppavano all’insegna della

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Jazz Soul: Ivan ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones' ''Sweetback'' (1975-'76)

Ivan ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones''Sweetback''( LP Joka Records, 1975-'76 )Catalog # LPN 6007Tracklisting & Hide Credits:A1 ConfusionWritten-By – Ivan Jones 6:33A2 Trouble In Mind 6:11A3 SweetbackWritten-By – Ivan Jones 7:40B1 Have You Ever Been Mellow 7:20B2 Jamaica Farewell 3:26B3 You've Got It Bad, Girl 7:45Personnel & Credits:Alto Saxophone – Charles BowenBass – Warren GiancaterinoCongas –

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Philly Sound: Billy Paul's ''First Class'' (1979)

Billy Paul''First Class''( LP Philadelphia International Records, 1979 )Catalog # JZ 35756 (US) / 144345 (BRA)Tracklisting:1. False Faces2. Bring The Family Back3. Game Of Life4. It’s Critical5. Thank You (For This Blessing)6. What A Way To Love7. So Glad To See You Again8. Treasure Of My Life9. I Gotta Put This Life DownPersonnel & Credits:Arranged By – Billy Paul (tracks: A4), Ed Green (tracks:

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Psychedelic Africa: Emmanuel N'Djoké ''Manu'' Dibango's ''Africadelic'' (1973)

Emmanuel N'Djoké ''Manu'' Dibango''Africadelic''(African Pop Group)( LP Mondiophone Records, France )Catalog # MON 8, Crea Sound Ltd. – 46507Saxophonist from Cameroon. Originally trained in classical piano, his musical career began in Brussels and Paris in the 1950s. 1960 finds him in Congo as a member of African Jazz led by Joseph Kabasele (Le Grand Kalle). He formed his own band in Cameroon in

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Jazz Soul: Richard “Groove” Holmes' ”The Best Of” (1972)

Richard “Groove” Holmes”The Best Of”( LP Prestige Records, 1972 )Catalog # PR 7700Tracklisting:A1 MistyA2 Living SoulA3 Soul Power!B1 What Now My LoveB2 Groove’s Blue GrooveB3 Boo-D-DooB4 Super SoulCredits & Info:PR 7700 The Best Of Richard “Groove” HolmesRichard “Groove” Holmes (org) Gene Edwards (g) Jimmie Smith (d)Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 3, 1965MistyGeorge Randall

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Una Storia Di Vita E Musica: ''My Life In Live Concert'' (Part Five) - SPECIAL CAP CREUS

MY LIFE IN LIVE CONCERT 5 (SPECIAL CAP CREUS)The CLUB . Anno Nuovo, e oggi ho pensato di sviluppare un ricordo SPECIALE. Nelle puntate precedenti della Mia Vita Fatta di Concerti ho in più occasioni menzionato il Disco Club “CAP CREUS” arrivandole a definire “IL MIO STUDIO 54”… mi sembrava quindi d’obbligo, viste le innumerevoli citazioni, rendere più chiaro l’argomento, spiegando cosa avveniva

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MFS Radio Presents: ''The Word Is - FUNK!'' (Some underrated funk from the vaults) - Compilation (2011)

MFS Radio Presents:''The Word Is - FUNK!''( Some underrated funk from the vaults)The Tracks - CompilationTracklisting:1. Lyn Collins - Think2. Mary Jane Hooper - I've Got Reasons3. Elsie Mae - Do You Really Want To Rescue Me (Part 1)4. Esther Phillips - You're Coming Home5. Ann Mason - You Can't Love Me In The Midnight Hour6. Ruby & The Party Gang - Ruby's Suprise Party7. Detroit City Limits -

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The Great Blaxploitation Era: Young-Holt Unlimited's ''Plays Super Fly'' (1973)

Young-Holt Unlimited''Plays Super Fly''( LP Paula Records, 1973 )Catalog # LPS 4002Tracklisting & Hide Credits:A1 Freddie's DeadWritten-By – Curtis Mayfield 4:32A2 Give Me Your LoveWritten-By – Curtis Mayfield 3:15A3 Pusher ManWritten-By – Curtis Mayfield 3:48A4 SuperflyWritten-By – Curtis Mayfield 3:20A5 Hey PanchoWritten-By – E. Young, I. Holt 4:00B1 Could It Be I'm Falling In LoveWritten-By –

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Jazz: Houston Person's ''Chocomotive'' (1967)

Houston Person''Chocomotive''( LP Prestige Records, 1967 )Catalog # PR 7517Personnel & Notes:Frankie Jones (tp, d)Houston Person (ts)Cedar Walton (p)Bob Cranshaw (b)Alan Dawson (d, vib)Recorded in NYC, June 14, 1967Tracklisting:Since I Fell For YouMoreUp, Up And AwayChocomotiveYou Are Going To Here From MeGirl TalkClose QuartersReview by Alex Henderson (AMG):Some jazz improvisers believe that

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Thinking Of A Master Plan: YZ's ''Sons Of The Father'' (1990)

YZ''Sons Of The Father''( LP Tuff City Records, 1990 )Catalog # TUF LP 0569Tracklisting:A1 Intro And Sons Of The Father (5:20)Vocals [Guest] - C.H.A.S.E. D-4A2 In Control Of Things (5:15)Written-By, Arranged By - Robert "B-Fine" HumbertA3 Back Again (3:15)Vocals [Guest] - B'FineWritten-By, Arranged By - Robert "B-Fine" HumbertA4 I'm Workin' (5:14)Vocals [Guest] - Queen Cee AsiaA5 Get It Right (

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Obscure & Blaxploitation: Sonny Stitt's ''Satan'' (1974)

Sonny Stitt''Satan''( LP Cadet Records, 1974 )Catalog # CA 50060Tracklisting & Hide Credits:A1 Satan A2 A Crazy Mixed Up World A3 Big Bad Henry A4 Gee Baby Ain't I Good To You B1 Will You Love Me TomorrowWritten-By – Goffin And KingB2 Anone B3 It Might As Well Be SpringNotes:Format:Vinyl, LP, AlbumCountry:USReleased:1974Review/Note:This could be a soundtrack to New York in the

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Made In Japan: T.Honda (Takehiro Honda) & His Orchestra's ''What's Going On'' (1971)

T. Honda & His Orchestra''What's Going On''( LP Trio Records, 1971 )Catalog # PA-9722Takehiro HondaPianist & keyboard player. In Groups: Native Son, T. Honda & His Orchestra, T. Honda Trio.Tracklisting:A1 Ain't Tell You A Good Way ButA2 Check-out Your MindA3 Ain't Funky NowA4 What's Going On?B1 Sham TimeB2 Greasy SpoonB3 Sitting On The Dock Of The BayPersonnel & Credits:Alto Saxophone – K.