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Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets

Most people pay close attention to the design of the kitchen, since they usually turn to become living room where everyone gathers for meals. Designing a kitchen is equipped with responsibility for planning the layout of the kitchen and determines the placement of the refrigerator, microwave and cooking utensils, such as the creation of kitchen furniture. In order to ensure the correct positioning is necessary to know the dimensions of kitchen furniture. Especially kitchen cabinets have standard dimensions, for example those produced by the company. You may need to change depending on individual needs, but will be more expensive and time consuming. Once you know the standard format, you can design your kitchen accordingly, saving time and money that goes into custom kitchen cabinets. Well, if you know how to build kitchen cabinets, you can save money.

Standard dimensions for kitchen cabinets

While standard sizes in most homes are equal, these may vary depending on the model used for cooking. It is difficult to say exactly what the size of the kitchen should be, but in the following sections we will explain the various factors that determine the size of the kitchen cabinets should be.

Base Cabinets
The dimensions of the guide are generally a depth of approximately 24 centimeters and a height of 34 to 42 inches. These different dimensions according to the design of kitchen furniture, the placement and positioning. Place a counter, the bottom of the box has been increased to about 36 centimeters. It is possible to adjust the height of the cab, if they are large and do not want to lean too low to get things. At a depth of 24 cm, it is easy for everyone to get things in the closet.

Wall Cupboards
As is the case with base, wall dimensions are also generally standard. The height of the wall units differ more for its location and size of the average height is between 12 to 42. The depth of these cabinets are normally maintained at 12 to 13 inches. If you are connected, it is hanging on the kitchen counter as you would normally need to enter about 54 inches off the ground and if it is suspended above the stove, then there must be at least 24 cm above the stove where it is. This is extremely important to prevent the sliding in the kitchen. With a built-in wardrobe, ceiling height, in general, tends to be around 30 inches and measures about 42 inches, with no ceiling. The width of the cabinets can corresponding to the width of the base of the cabinet. Having similar dimensions, especially when the width is concerned, the kitchen provides a sense of uniformity and improves the decoration of the kitchen.

Other types of cabinets
If you have decided to have a cabinet under the kitchen sink, the size of the box depends on the way in which they are provided. Corner sink cabinet dimensions are usually 36 cm high, 36 cm wide and 24 cm deep. This works great for kitchens that have a sink at right angles. If it is a furniture design, the dimensions are 42 x 42 x 24. If your home is located in a corner of the bar and have a cupboard above are generally measures about 30 x 15 cm. While the minimum width of most kitchen cabinets that are sold today is about 36 inches, may be a good idea to opt for furniture that are a bit 'wider. If you wish, you can have cabinets above the refrigerator, with a depth of about 24 inches.

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