Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Organ & Jazz Soul: Richard ”Groove” Holmes' ”Soul Message”

Richard ”Groove” Holmes”Soul Message”( LP Prestige Records, 1965 )Catalog # PR 7435(Also issued on Fantasy OJC 329, OJCCD 329-2)Commento:La prima volta che entrai in possesso di questo disco fu molti anni fa, all'inizio degli anni '80, quando ancora ascoltavo molta disco music e altri generi commeciali. Lo comprai su consiglio di un amico, e devo dire che non me ne pentii. È questo un disco che

Monday, December 27, 2010

Covers: James Brown's ''Revolution Of The Mind''

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Labels: BGP (Beat Goes Public) Records (ACE Records)

The BGP (Beat Goes Public) Records (ACE Records) An exciting and diverse label, BGP`s roots stretch back to the birth of modern club culture in the late 80s. It was the first reissue label to actively court a contemporary audience, and likes to think that it does so to this day,. Reacting to, and also inspiring those who want to know where the samples come from, or join the dots

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Info: Blue Note Records Christmas News.

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Friday, December 24, 2010

Music Legends: Remember James Brown

''I Am James Brown'' Dear Master, we never forget you! ''Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Live)'' E E E E E E Baby give it up or turn it a loose Uh ha baby gives it up or turn it a loose Starting over again Baby, give it up or turn it a loose Oh ha baby, give it up or turn it loose Oooooh all right Baby, give it up, oh turn it a loose oh Oh o o all night long, uh All right, hey, hey, hey, hey All

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Info: MFS© Radio Presents: ''DJs' Disco Edits!'' (A Selection Of Super Heavy Disco Tracks)

MFS© Radio Presents:''DJs' Disco Edits!''(A Selection Of Super Heavy Disco Tracks)& A Tribute To All The DJs That Had Made Them!( Compilation, 2010 )Tracklisting:1. Billy Paul - Let The Dollar Circulate (Scratchandsniff's Extended Re-Dub)2. Crown Heights Affair - Use Your Body & Soul (City Soul Edit)3. Dexter Wansel - I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco) (DJ Flight Re-Edit)4. Fatback Band - (Are

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disco Remixes: Walter Gibbons' ''Salsoul Disco Madness''

Various Artists”Salsoul Disco Madness”( LP, Compilation, Salsoul Records, 1978 )Catalog # SA 8518Tracklisting:A1 The Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire (8:04)A2 Double Exposure-Ten Percent (7:07)A3 First Choice-Let No Man Put Asunder (4:44)B1 The Salsoul Orchestra-It’s Good For The Soul (7:06)B2 Double Exposure-My Love Is Free (4:45)B3 Loleatta Holloway-Catch Me On The Rebound (7:35)Credits:

Monday, December 20, 2010

More ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones: ''Snake Rhythm Rock'' & ''Black Whip''

Commento:Continua la serie su Ivan Jones, e questa volta vi proponiamo due classici del genere, ''Snake Rhythm Rock'' e ''Black Whip''. Esaltante la lista dei musicisti che collaborarono a questi due Lp, in primis Rusty Bryant (celebre su ''Hoochie Coo Chickie'') e poi Sonny Phillips, Ron Carter e Grady Tate fra gli altri. Per gli amanti del genere, e non solo, visto che l'ascolto è

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jazz Soul: Ivan ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones

Ivan Joseph Jones, Also known as “Boogaloo Joe“, (born 1 November 1940) is a psychedelic jazz guitarist. He made his solo debut as “Joe Jones” on Prestige Records in 1967, but earned the name “Boogaloo Joe” following a 1969 record of that title. The demeaning name was meant to distinguish him from the other people with similar names in the music business, such as R&B singer Joe Jones, jazz

Positive Thinking: ''You Are Somebody & You’ll Be Somebody" - Fred Wesley & The J.B’s ”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody'' USA Promo LP

Fred Wesley & The J.B’s ”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody”(Promo Edition)( LP People Records, Polydor Rec., 1974 )Catalog # PE 6602, 2391 125 Commento:”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody” è un'altra pietra miliare dell'universo funk, forse uno dei migliori dischi fatti dall' 'entourage' di James Brown, in questo caso dal trombonista Fred Wesley e da una delle tante formazioni dei J.B.'s.,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disco Compilation: ”Discoteca Ciak, Bologna, Italy / The Best Of DJ Miki 1978-’79”

Various Artists”Discoteca Ciak, Bologna, Italy / The Best Of DJ Miki 1978-’79”A tribute to one of the best italian Disco DJs, DJ Miki.( MFS© Radio Compilation, 2007 )Tracklisting:Mass Production – Wine Flow Disco 12”Bill Summers & The Summer’s Heat – Straight To The Bank 12”Busta Jones – (Everybody’s) Dancing All Over The World 12”David Hudson – Pump It 12”Gregg Diamond – Danger 12”Paul Sabu –

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giants Of Vibraphone: Johnny Lytle's ''The Sound Of Velvet Soul''

Johnny Lytle''The Sound Of Velvet Soul''( LP Solid State Records, 1968 )Catalogs # SS 18026 (US) - SS 20033 (Brazil)Johnny Lytle (born John Dillard Lytle on October 13, 1932, Springfield, Ohio; died December 15, 1995, Springfield) was a jazz musician.Commento:Stranissimo personaggio Mr. John Dillard Lytle, almeno per me. Interessantissimo, direi....Ex-boxeur, abbandonò la violenta carriera per

Saturday, December 11, 2010

God Make Me Funky: The Headhunters' ”Survival Of The Fittest”

The Headhunters”Survival Of The Fittest”( LP Arista Records, 1975 )Catalog # AL 4038The Headhunters are an American jazz-funk fusion band, best known for their albums they recorded as a backing band of jazz keyboard player Herbie Hancock during the 1970s. Hancock's debut album with the group, Head Hunters, is one of the best-selling jazz/fusion records of all time.Commento:Un disco che non può

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jazz Funk: Lonnie Smith's ”Keep On Lovin'''

Lonnie Smith ”Keep On Lovin'''( LP Groove Merchant Records, 1976 )Catalog # GM 3312Also on : Lester Recording Catalog (Cat.#LRC 9312), 1977 Tracklisting:A1 Keep On Lovin’ (6:00)A2 Sizzle Stick (5:57)A3 Lean Meat (6:16)B1 What I Want (5:58)B2 Filet-O-Sole (5:44)B3 No Tears Tomorrow (5:08) Personnel & Credits:Arranged By – Brad Baker (tracks: A2 to B3)Arranged By, Composed By – Bob Babbitt (tracks

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jazz Funk: Johnny Hammond's Fantastic ''Gears''

Johnny Hammond''Gears''( LP Milestone Records, 1975 )Catalog # M-9062Tracklisting:A1 Tell Me What To Do 5:16A2 Los Conquistadores Chocolatés 5:56Vocals [Recitation] - William JordanA3 Lost On 23rd Street 6:36B1 Fantasy 6:06Written-By - Hammond, L. MizellB2 Shifting Gears 5:19B3 Can't We Smile 4:35''Los Conquistadores Chocolatés''Personnel:Hadley Caliman Gears Sax (Tenor)Johnny Hammond Organ, Main

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Houston Person's Jazz Soul: ”Person To Person!”

Houston Person ”Person To Person!”( LP Prestige Records 1970 )Catalog # PRST-10003 Sí, ancora lui, il grande Houston Person. Proponiamo questo disco, che abbiamo in vinile originale (trovato negli anni '80 a Londra da Time is Right Records), perchè contiene pezzi ispiratissimi e di grande fattura. Oltre a una splendida cover di Burt Bacharach (Close To You), abbiamo qui la splendida ''The Son Of

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jazz Soul: Houston Person's ”Goodness!”

Houston Person”Goodness!”( LP Prestige Records, 1969 )Catalog # PR 10027Reissue of Prestige PR 7678Record Presentations:This is the first album of Person's that was a real hit. Here is one of the best examples of his late-'60s/early-'70s style. Small organ combo with that funky sound. Perhaps too formulaic, but still nice. Includes the hypnotic tune "Jamilah." (Michael Erlewine)Although none

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jazz & Jazz Soul: Mr. Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II's (Donald Byrd) "Fancy Free"

Mr. Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II (Donald Byrd)"Fancy Free"( LP Blue Note Records, 1969 )Catalog # BST 84319** Also issued on Blue Note CDP 7 89796-2Tracklisting:A1 - Fancy Free 11:50A2 - I Love The Girl 8:35B1 - The Uptowner 9:05B2 - Weasil 9:50Personnel & Credits:Artwork By [Cover] - Louis DelsarteArtwork By [Direction] - Frank GaunaProducer - Duke PearsonDonald Byrd (tp)Julian

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Organ & Jazz Soul: Mr. Richard Arnold Jackson "Groove" Holmes' ''Comin' On Home''

Richard "Groove" Holmes''Comin' On Home''( LP Blue Note Records, 1971 )Catalog # BST 84372Nota:Disco importantissimo, un' esperienza, l'unica di Mr. Richard Arnold Jackson (Groove Holmes) alla Blue Note, dopo anni prolifici passati alla Prestige e alla Pacific Jazz. In questo LP ci sono due pietre miliari del jazz-soul prima e dell'acid jazz anni'90 dopo, ''Groovin' For Mr. G.'' e ''Down Home

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Jazz From The UK: Organic ''The Right Thing''

Organic ''The Right Thing''(New Jazz From The UK)Note:Here is a track from a new band called Organic.This download has been sanctioned by the band as a way to promote their debut album The Right Thing.I have heard 4 tracks from the album and frankly I'm impressed.Below are details of the band,if you are in the UK get out and see them.Still searching for a recording contract,here's a chance to be