Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Organ & Jazz Soul: Richard ”Groove” Holmes' ”Soul Message”

Richard ”Groove” Holmes”Soul Message”( LP Prestige Records, 1965 )Catalog # PR 7435(Also issued on Fantasy OJC 329, OJCCD 329-2)Commento:La prima volta che entrai in possesso di questo disco fu molti anni fa, all'inizio degli anni '80, quando ancora ascoltavo molta disco music e altri generi commeciali. Lo comprai su consiglio di un amico, e devo dire che non me ne pentii. È questo un disco che

Monday, December 27, 2010

Covers: James Brown's ''Revolution Of The Mind''

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Labels: BGP (Beat Goes Public) Records (ACE Records)

The BGP (Beat Goes Public) Records (ACE Records) An exciting and diverse label, BGP`s roots stretch back to the birth of modern club culture in the late 80s. It was the first reissue label to actively court a contemporary audience, and likes to think that it does so to this day,. Reacting to, and also inspiring those who want to know where the samples come from, or join the dots

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Info: Blue Note Records Christmas News.

HOME | ARTISTS | CATALOG | TOUR | EDITORIAL | SHOP Have a Blue Note Christmas This Year

Friday, December 24, 2010

Music Legends: Remember James Brown

''I Am James Brown'' Dear Master, we never forget you! ''Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose (Live)'' E E E E E E Baby give it up or turn it a loose Uh ha baby gives it up or turn it a loose Starting over again Baby, give it up or turn it a loose Oh ha baby, give it up or turn it loose Oooooh all right Baby, give it up, oh turn it a loose oh Oh o o all night long, uh All right, hey, hey, hey, hey All

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Info: MFS© Radio Presents: ''DJs' Disco Edits!'' (A Selection Of Super Heavy Disco Tracks)

MFS© Radio Presents:''DJs' Disco Edits!''(A Selection Of Super Heavy Disco Tracks)& A Tribute To All The DJs That Had Made Them!( Compilation, 2010 )Tracklisting:1. Billy Paul - Let The Dollar Circulate (Scratchandsniff's Extended Re-Dub)2. Crown Heights Affair - Use Your Body & Soul (City Soul Edit)3. Dexter Wansel - I'll Never Forget (My Favorite Disco) (DJ Flight Re-Edit)4. Fatback Band - (Are

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disco Remixes: Walter Gibbons' ''Salsoul Disco Madness''

Various Artists”Salsoul Disco Madness”( LP, Compilation, Salsoul Records, 1978 )Catalog # SA 8518Tracklisting:A1 The Salsoul Orchestra-Magic Bird Of Fire (8:04)A2 Double Exposure-Ten Percent (7:07)A3 First Choice-Let No Man Put Asunder (4:44)B1 The Salsoul Orchestra-It’s Good For The Soul (7:06)B2 Double Exposure-My Love Is Free (4:45)B3 Loleatta Holloway-Catch Me On The Rebound (7:35)Credits:

Monday, December 20, 2010

More ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones: ''Snake Rhythm Rock'' & ''Black Whip''

Commento:Continua la serie su Ivan Jones, e questa volta vi proponiamo due classici del genere, ''Snake Rhythm Rock'' e ''Black Whip''. Esaltante la lista dei musicisti che collaborarono a questi due Lp, in primis Rusty Bryant (celebre su ''Hoochie Coo Chickie'') e poi Sonny Phillips, Ron Carter e Grady Tate fra gli altri. Per gli amanti del genere, e non solo, visto che l'ascolto è

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jazz Soul: Ivan ''Boogaloo Joe'' Jones

Ivan Joseph Jones, Also known as “Boogaloo Joe“, (born 1 November 1940) is a psychedelic jazz guitarist. He made his solo debut as “Joe Jones” on Prestige Records in 1967, but earned the name “Boogaloo Joe” following a 1969 record of that title. The demeaning name was meant to distinguish him from the other people with similar names in the music business, such as R&B singer Joe Jones, jazz

Positive Thinking: ''You Are Somebody & You’ll Be Somebody" - Fred Wesley & The J.B’s ”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody'' USA Promo LP

Fred Wesley & The J.B’s ”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody”(Promo Edition)( LP People Records, Polydor Rec., 1974 )Catalog # PE 6602, 2391 125 Commento:”Exorcist - Damn Right I Am Somebody” è un'altra pietra miliare dell'universo funk, forse uno dei migliori dischi fatti dall' 'entourage' di James Brown, in questo caso dal trombonista Fred Wesley e da una delle tante formazioni dei J.B.'s.,

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disco Compilation: ”Discoteca Ciak, Bologna, Italy / The Best Of DJ Miki 1978-’79”

Various Artists”Discoteca Ciak, Bologna, Italy / The Best Of DJ Miki 1978-’79”A tribute to one of the best italian Disco DJs, DJ Miki.( MFS© Radio Compilation, 2007 )Tracklisting:Mass Production – Wine Flow Disco 12”Bill Summers & The Summer’s Heat – Straight To The Bank 12”Busta Jones – (Everybody’s) Dancing All Over The World 12”David Hudson – Pump It 12”Gregg Diamond – Danger 12”Paul Sabu –

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Giants Of Vibraphone: Johnny Lytle's ''The Sound Of Velvet Soul''

Johnny Lytle''The Sound Of Velvet Soul''( LP Solid State Records, 1968 )Catalogs # SS 18026 (US) - SS 20033 (Brazil)Johnny Lytle (born John Dillard Lytle on October 13, 1932, Springfield, Ohio; died December 15, 1995, Springfield) was a jazz musician.Commento:Stranissimo personaggio Mr. John Dillard Lytle, almeno per me. Interessantissimo, direi....Ex-boxeur, abbandonò la violenta carriera per

Saturday, December 11, 2010

God Make Me Funky: The Headhunters' ”Survival Of The Fittest”

The Headhunters”Survival Of The Fittest”( LP Arista Records, 1975 )Catalog # AL 4038The Headhunters are an American jazz-funk fusion band, best known for their albums they recorded as a backing band of jazz keyboard player Herbie Hancock during the 1970s. Hancock's debut album with the group, Head Hunters, is one of the best-selling jazz/fusion records of all time.Commento:Un disco che non può

Friday, December 10, 2010

Jazz Funk: Lonnie Smith's ”Keep On Lovin'''

Lonnie Smith ”Keep On Lovin'''( LP Groove Merchant Records, 1976 )Catalog # GM 3312Also on : Lester Recording Catalog (Cat.#LRC 9312), 1977 Tracklisting:A1 Keep On Lovin’ (6:00)A2 Sizzle Stick (5:57)A3 Lean Meat (6:16)B1 What I Want (5:58)B2 Filet-O-Sole (5:44)B3 No Tears Tomorrow (5:08) Personnel & Credits:Arranged By – Brad Baker (tracks: A2 to B3)Arranged By, Composed By – Bob Babbitt (tracks

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jazz Funk: Johnny Hammond's Fantastic ''Gears''

Johnny Hammond''Gears''( LP Milestone Records, 1975 )Catalog # M-9062Tracklisting:A1 Tell Me What To Do 5:16A2 Los Conquistadores Chocolatés 5:56Vocals [Recitation] - William JordanA3 Lost On 23rd Street 6:36B1 Fantasy 6:06Written-By - Hammond, L. MizellB2 Shifting Gears 5:19B3 Can't We Smile 4:35''Los Conquistadores Chocolatés''Personnel:Hadley Caliman Gears Sax (Tenor)Johnny Hammond Organ, Main

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

More Houston Person's Jazz Soul: ”Person To Person!”

Houston Person ”Person To Person!”( LP Prestige Records 1970 )Catalog # PRST-10003 Sí, ancora lui, il grande Houston Person. Proponiamo questo disco, che abbiamo in vinile originale (trovato negli anni '80 a Londra da Time is Right Records), perchè contiene pezzi ispiratissimi e di grande fattura. Oltre a una splendida cover di Burt Bacharach (Close To You), abbiamo qui la splendida ''The Son Of

Monday, December 6, 2010

Jazz Soul: Houston Person's ”Goodness!”

Houston Person”Goodness!”( LP Prestige Records, 1969 )Catalog # PR 10027Reissue of Prestige PR 7678Record Presentations:This is the first album of Person's that was a real hit. Here is one of the best examples of his late-'60s/early-'70s style. Small organ combo with that funky sound. Perhaps too formulaic, but still nice. Includes the hypnotic tune "Jamilah." (Michael Erlewine)Although none

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Jazz & Jazz Soul: Mr. Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II's (Donald Byrd) "Fancy Free"

Mr. Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II (Donald Byrd)"Fancy Free"( LP Blue Note Records, 1969 )Catalog # BST 84319** Also issued on Blue Note CDP 7 89796-2Tracklisting:A1 - Fancy Free 11:50A2 - I Love The Girl 8:35B1 - The Uptowner 9:05B2 - Weasil 9:50Personnel & Credits:Artwork By [Cover] - Louis DelsarteArtwork By [Direction] - Frank GaunaProducer - Duke PearsonDonald Byrd (tp)Julian

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Organ & Jazz Soul: Mr. Richard Arnold Jackson "Groove" Holmes' ''Comin' On Home''

Richard "Groove" Holmes''Comin' On Home''( LP Blue Note Records, 1971 )Catalog # BST 84372Nota:Disco importantissimo, un' esperienza, l'unica di Mr. Richard Arnold Jackson (Groove Holmes) alla Blue Note, dopo anni prolifici passati alla Prestige e alla Pacific Jazz. In questo LP ci sono due pietre miliari del jazz-soul prima e dell'acid jazz anni'90 dopo, ''Groovin' For Mr. G.'' e ''Down Home

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Jazz From The UK: Organic ''The Right Thing''

Organic ''The Right Thing''(New Jazz From The UK)Note:Here is a track from a new band called Organic.This download has been sanctioned by the band as a way to promote their debut album The Right Thing.I have heard 4 tracks from the album and frankly I'm impressed.Below are details of the band,if you are in the UK get out and see them.Still searching for a recording contract,here's a chance to be

Monday, November 29, 2010

Jazz Funk & Psychedelic: Wade Marcus ”A New Era”

Wade Marcus ”A New Era”( LP Cotillion Records, 1971 )Catalog # SD 9043 Tracklisting:A1 Thank You Falletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin (3:31)Guitar [Solo] – Eric GaleWritten-By – Sylvester StewartA2 Magic Moments (3:12)Written-By – Bobby MarcusA3 Lush Life (4:01)Violin [Solo] – Gene OrloffWritten-By – Billy StrayhornA4 Spinning Wheel (3:54)Written-By – David Clayton ThomasA5 Something (3:35)Organ [Solo] –

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Latin Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie's ”Portrait Of Jenny”

Dizzy Gillespie”Portrait Of Jenny”( LP Perception Records, 1970 - '71 )Catalog # PLP 13Si continua ancora una volta con un post gillespiano e ''latin''. Un album del 1970-'71(data incerta) che riflette il profondo feeling tra Gillespie e la musica latina. Qui con sideman di tutto rispetto (notate gli altisonanti nomi fra i credits), Gillespie ci offre un disco anche un po' funky se vogliamo.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Funk & Jazz Funk: The Three Pieces' “Vibes Of Truth”

The Three Pieces “Vibes Of Truth”( LP Fantasy Records, 1975 )Catalog # F-9476Note:This goes to DJ Miki of Ciak-Bologna...Vibes of truth man!Tracklisting:A1 – I Need You Girl (4:10)A2 – Backed Up Against The Wall (4:26)A3 – Vibes Of Truth (4:30)A4 – Shortin’ Bread (4:31)B1 – Self Dealin’ (3:54)B2 – Concrete Jungle (5:20)B3 – If Only I Could Prove To You (3:56)B4 – Cool It (3:29)B5 – Virtue (3:30)

Soul: Joanne (Jo Ann) Garrett's ”Just A Taste”

Joanne (Jo Ann) Garrett”Just A Taste”( LP Chess Records, 1969 )Catalog # 1548Tracklisting:UnforgettableDepend On MeWalk On ByWe Can Learn TogetherAin’t No WayFoolish MeThis Bitter EarthA Thousand Miles AwaySoul TownIt’s No SecretNote:Absolutely classic soul/funk record with the killer version of Walk on By (drums used and abused by DJ Shadow); also It’s No Secret, Soul Town. Produced by Andre

Monday, November 22, 2010

Psychedelic Organ Groove: Memphis Black ”Soul Club”

Memphis Black ”Soul Club”( LP Sunset Records, Germany, 2007, Reissue )Catalog # SLS 50 059 Z( Original release: 1969 )Heavy Hammond funk from the 60s German scene! Memphis Black was the pseudonym of Ingfried Hoffmann , one of the best organ players on the continent in the 60s, an artist known well through his soundtrack and sound library sessions, as well as his killer contributions to the Klaus

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Funk: Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady ”Earth Creature”

Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady ”Earth Creature”(Also knowed as ”Boobie Knight & The Universal Lady”)( LP Dakar Records, 1974 )Catalog # DK 76913 Tracklisting:A1 Feeling My Cheerios (3:15)Written-By – Boobie Knight , Milton EdwardsA2 Burn The Saturday Night Fever (3:05)Written-By – Boobie KnightA3 April (5:30)Written-By – Boobie Knight , Milton EdwardsA4 Power Greater Than Man (7:03)Written-By

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Philly Sound: Various Artists' ”Philadelphia Classics”

Various Artists ”Philadelphia Classics”( 2 x Vinyl, LP Philadelphia International Records, 1977 )Catalog # PIR 88274 & PZG 34940 8 OF THE VEST BEST PHILLY CLASSICS!Deluxe american gatefold doublepack featuring 8 all time Philly International classics as played at the Loft, Paradise Garage, Warehouse and The Music Box.Tracklisting:A1 MFSB ”Love Is The Message”A2 MFSB ”TSOP” (The Sound Of

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

DJ Disco Legends... Miki Ciak Bologna Parte 3

DJ Disco Legends... Miki Ciak Bologna Parte 3Continua, colla terza parte, il nostro tibuto-ricerca sulla figura del mitico DJ Miki della Discoteca Ciak Bologna.Queste testimonianze le abbiamo 'rubate' su FaceBook, ma ci sembra doveroso proporle a tutti, anche agli stranieri (use the translator tool please-thanks).Una è di Mistermix Deejay e l'altra è diretta, cioè del proprio Miki.Aggiungiamo

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Funk: James Brown & The James Brown Band ''Ain't It Funky'' & ''Funky Drummer''

James Brown & The James Brown Band''Ain't It Funky''( LP King Records, 1970 )Catalog # KS-1092Tracklisting:A1 Ain't It Funky Now (Part 1 & 2) 9:26A2 Fat Wood (Part 1 & 2) 9:15B1 Cold Sweat 5:17B2 Give It Up Turn It Loose 3:45B3 Nose Job 2:30B4 Use Your Mother 3:25B5 After You Done It 3:28Credits:Engineer [Audio] - Dave Harrison, Ron LenhoffOther [Production Manager] - Bud HobgoodProducer - James

Monday, November 15, 2010

Jazz: Dizzy Gillespie's ”Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac”

Dizzy Gillespie”Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac”( LP Impulse! Records, 1967 )Catalog # AS 9149Tracklisting:1. Swing Low, Sweet Cadillac 7:282. Mas Que Nada (Pow, Pow, Pow) 6:153. Bye 1:284. Something In Your Smile 2:465. Kush 16:01Personnel:Dizzy Gillespie (tp, vo)James Moody (ts, as, fl, vo)Mike Longo (p)Frank Schifano (b)Otis Candy Finch Jr. (d)Notes:** Also issued on MCA 29036Recorded at “Memory

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jazz Soul: Houston Person ”The Real Thing”

Houston Person”The Real Thing”( Double LP Eastbound /Janus Records, 1973 )Catalog # EB-9010Tracklisting:A-1 You Are The Sunshine Of My LifeA-2 Since I Fell For YouA-3 Until It’s Time For You To GoB-1 PainB-2 Angel EyesC-1 Easy WalkerC-2 Kittitian CarnivalC-3 Could It Be I’m Falling In LoveD-1 Where Is The Love?D-2 Medley: Tain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do – Don’t Go StrangersD-3 Crazy LegsBonus

Friday, November 12, 2010

Salsoul Disco Classics: The Salsoul Orchestra ”Nice ‘N’ Naasty”

The Salsoul Orchestra ”Nice ‘N’ Naasty”( LP Salsoul Records, 1976 )Catalog # SZS-5502 In the same vein as MFSB for ‘Philadelphia International’, the Salsoul Orchestra where the in-house band for ‘Salsoul Records’. Vince Montana wrote, conducted and produced many of the orchestra’s releases.The Orchestra had many arrangers & whole instrument sections contributing to their distinctive sound, with

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Philly Sound Classics: The Philadelphia International All Stars ”Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto”

The Philadelphia International All Stars ”Let’s Clean Up The Ghetto”( LP Philadelphia International Records, 1977 )Catalog # PIR 82198Note:In the late 70's, In an effort to draw attention to rejuvenating the ghettos of Philadelphia, Kenneth Gamble put together an album of Philadelphia International's biggest acts on Let's Clean Up The Ghetto (1977). Artist' include, Lou Rawls, The O'Jays,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Psychedelic Funk & Soul: The Politicians ”The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson”

The Politicians”The Politicians Featuring McKinley Jackson”( LP Hot Wax Records, 1972 )Catalog # HA 711Tracklisting:A1 Psycha-Soula-Funkadelic (3:43)A2 The World We Live In (4:22)A3 Church (3:15)A4 Free Your Mind (2:50)A5 Everything Good Is Bad (4:14)B1 A Song For You (4:31)B2 Speak On It (5:48)B3 Funky Toes (4:04)B4 Politicians Theme (2:50)B5 Close Your Big Mouth (3:06)Notes:Format:Vinyl,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Disco Legends: Nicky Siano

Biography:Nicky Siano born in Brooklyn, New York, in March 18, 1955 and is a pioneer of the dance music scene in the early seventies.In 1971 at the age of 16 he got his first djing gig, with the help of Robin Lord, and in 1972 he opened The Gallery in SoHo, Manhattan with his older brother Joe Siano. At the time he was considered to be the best DJ in the city and this helped the club attain

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jazz Soul: Lonnie Smith ”Think!”

Lonnie Smith ”Think!”( LP Blue Note Records, 1968 )Catalog # BST 84307*Also Blue Note BST 84290, CDP 7 84290-2 Tracklisting:The Call Of The WindSlouchin’Son Of Ice BagThree Blind MiceThink Personnel & Credits:Congas, Percussion – Norberto Apellaniz (tracks: 2, 5),Willie Bivins (tracks: 2, 5)Drums – Marion Booker, Jr.Engineer – Dave SandersGuitar – Melvin SparksMastered By [Remastering] – Rudy Van

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Funk: The Mighty Tom Cats “Soul Makossa”

The Mighty Tom Cats “Soul Makossa”( LP Paul Winley Records, 1980 )Catalog # LP 121 Tracklisting:A1 Soul Makossa (4:15)A2 Tom Cat Reggay (4:05)A3 Skin ‘N’ Soul (2:25)A4 Good Groove (4:10)A5 Mozambique (2:27)B Bahamas Melody (15:09) Notes:Format: Vinyl, LPCountry: USRelease Date: 1st January 1980 ”Soul Makossa” Notes:Original vinyl rip by Celo.Contains the mighty Soul Makossa track made famous by

Friday, November 5, 2010

Disco Funk: Sly Stone ''Ten Years Too Soon'' (The John Luongo Remixes)

Sly Stone ''Ten Years Too Soon''( LP Epic Records, UK, 1979 )Catalog # EPC 83640Tracklisting: A1 Dance To The Music 6:37A2 Sing A Simple Song 6:04A3 I Get High On You 5:50B1 Everyday People 5:58B2 You Can Make It If You Try 3:42B3 Stand! 6:16B4 This Is Love 2:47 Credits:Engineer [Remix] - Michael BarbieroMastered By - Jose RodriguezRemix, Edited By - John

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jazz: Wayne Shorter ''Adam's Apple''

Wayne Shorter''Adam's Apple''( LP Blue Note Records, 1966)Catalog # BLP 4232 Tracklisting:1. Adam's Apple (6:47)2. 502 Blues (Drinkin' And Drivin') (6:32)3. El Gaucho (6:28)4. Footprints (7:27)5. Teru (6:10)6. Chief Crazy Horse (7:32)7. Collector, The - (bonus track) (6:54)Personnel:Wayne Shorter: tenor saxophoneHerbie Hancock: pianoReggie Workman: bassJoe Chambers: drumsNotes:Recorded: At Van

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Organ Jazz: The Ernie Freeman Combo ''Featuring Ernie Freeman At The Organ''

The Ernie Freeman Combo''Featuring Ernie Freeman At The Organ''( LP Liberty Records, 1963 )Catalog # LRP-3331 - USA(Out of Print)Tracklisting:A1 - Comin' home babyA2 - Stone RockerA3 - Gravy WaltzA4 - FeverA5 - Jivin' AroundA6 - Drown in my own TearsB1 - RockhouseB2 - The WalkB3 - Mountain GreeneryB4 - 'Gator BiteB5 - Cool PlayBiography:One of so many interesting behind-the-scenes figures of

Monday, November 1, 2010

The Biggest Disco Band: The Salsoul Orchestra

The Salsoul OrchestraQuando vedo quel logo devo ammettere che mi emoziono ancora come trent'anni fa...La prima volta che ascoltai qualcosa della Salsoul Orchestra fu su mamma RAI a ''Supersonic Dischi a MAC2'', che ascoltavo in AM giacchè l'FM in Italia era stato appena 'liberato'...''Tangerine''...mi entrò nel sangue.E fu poi la celeberrima 'Getaway' degli EWF, che mi indusse a correre a

Friday, October 29, 2010

Samba Paulista: Adoniran e Os Demônios Da Garoa

Adoniran Barbosa E Elis Regina ''Tiro Ao Alvaro''In questo post, per noi un po' 'anomalo' in quanto ci occupiamo nomalmente di altri generi musicali (anche se questo è un concetto discutibile, in quanto tutto è legato, concatenato all'altro), vorremmo ricordare la figura di Adoniran Barbosa, nato João Rubinato (il nome, troppo italiano per un sambista, fu cambiato con quello di un suo amico di

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video: Nuyorican Soul Feat. India ''Runaway''

Nuyorican Soul Feat. India ''Runaway''Un video che rappresenta bene ciò che a noi piace di più...bella musica, bella gente, bella storia...Poi 'loro' ci sono quasi tutti...Vincent Montana Jr., George Benson, Maw e i Nuyoricans, il Salsoul sound...Come si direbbe qui in Brasile...''È a nossa cara!''Note:(Demo Video Clips)This demo file is in a low bitrate only for promotion purpouse. If any

Soul & Funk: Wilmer & The Dukes

Wilmer & The Dukes "Wilmer And The Dukes"( LP Aphrodisiac Records, 1969 )Catalog # Aph - 6001The History:In the fall of 1957 in the small town of Geneva, NY Ron Alberts, Ralph Gillotte, and Wilmer Alexander Jr. got together to start a band. Wilmer sang and played saxophone, and the band was managed by Ebo Alberts, the father of the drummer, Ronnie Alberts, and the bassist, Monte Alberts.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DJ Disco Legends... Miki Ciak Bologna Parte 2

DJ Disco Legends... Miki Ciak Bologna Parte 2MIKI (CHI SONO)----------------------------------------------non voglio scrivere cretinate come fanno tanti raccontando delle stupidate.-------------------------------- Coloro che pensano e dicono di avere iniziato la loro attivita' di dj con un giradischi in realtà facevano solo i mettidischi agli ordini dei padroni dei locali...tutta questa gente la

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Info: Jazzitalia News.

Il grande Sonny Rollins, la Count Basie Orchestra, Richard Galliano, il Roy Hargrove Quintet con special guest Roberta Gambarini, l'Enrico Rava New Quintet con Gianluca Petrella, il Gary Burton New Quartet. Ecco alcuni dei più esclusivi concerti del Bologna Jazz Festival 2010. (click)Si segnala anche l'offerta dell'Hotel Palace di Bologna a prezzi estremamente convenienti per gli utenti

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disco Legends: The Trammps

The Trammps, sono nati a Filadelfia e sono stati una delle prime band di musica disco, esponenti della Philadelphia soul. Hanno avuto successo nel 1972 con Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart. Il loro primo album fu Love Epidemic uscito nel 1973.Ma la loro fama deriva dal singolo “Disco Inferno” (1976), che fu incluso nell’album Saturday Night Fever uscito nel 1977.Altri brani di successo sono

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Jazz: 'Brother' Jack McDuff & Richard 'Groove' Holmes Clips

'Brother' Jack McDuff Clips”Jack was a superb arranger, a literate musician who read and wrote manuscript. Of course he’s famous as a hard swinger, but musicians hold his arranging skill in awe. Great taste and the sound of surprise were his thing. That will be very well illustrated by these clips.On this week-long visit to Seattle in July of 1982, Jack McDuff brought his own B-3, a

Monday, October 18, 2010

Disco Legends: DJ Miki & Million Dollar Disco Djs Mixes

Million Dollar Disco Djs MixesCheck here. Legends: DJ Miki Miki Ciak Bologna:''Me l'hanno chesto in tanti di fare un libro..con la vera verita' dei primi anni. ho sempre detto di no perche' oltre a non interessarmi tra qualche anno non lo leggerebbe nessuno ma le 335 cassette che ho messo (in

Sunday, October 17, 2010

More of 1 Million Of Visitors... We done it again with our Radio Blog!

More of 1 Million Of Visitors...We done it again with our Radio Blog!When the 'old' MFS blog was open in a 'free' form, in 4 years counted a quote near 3 million of visitors....then, due copyright problems, the blog needed a change and gone private.When we started here at this address as MFS2 we posted only 12'' singles, 7'' singles, Compilations and Radio Programs.Here we had too some

Jazz Drummer Legend: Idris Muhammad (Leo Morris)

Idris MuhammadReal Name:Leo Morris, Drummer.Born: November 13, 1939, in New Orleans.Biography by Scott Yanow (AMG): An excellent drummer who has appeared in many types of settings, Idris Muhammad became a professional when he was 16. He played primarily soul and R&B during 1962-1964 and then spent 1965-1967 as a member of Lou Donaldson's band. He was the house drummer

Friday, October 15, 2010

Willis “Gator” Jackson: ''Bar Wars'' & ''In The Alley''

Willis “Gator” Jackson(25 April 1932 – 25 October 1987), Was an American jazz saxophonist. Born in Miami, Florida, Jackson joined Duke Ellington alumnus Cootie Williams’s band in 1949 as a teenager, after being discovered by Eddie Vinson. During the fifties he participated in R&B and jazz recordings, primarily as a session musician, and also toured as leader of the backing band of singer

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jazz: Cedar Walton & ''Animation'' (LP Columbia Records, 1978 – PROMO)

Cedar WaltonBiography:One of the most valued of all hard bop accompanists, Cedar Walton is a versatile pianist whose funky touch and cogent melodic sense have graced the recordings of many of jazz’s greatest players. He is also one of the music’s more underrated composers; although he has always been a first-rate interpreter of standards, Walton wrote a number of excellent tunes (”Mosaic,”

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jazz Soul: Lonnie Smith Sextet & ''Turning Point''

Lonnie SmithReal Name:Dr. Lonnie SmithProfile:Not to be confused with Lonnie Liston Smith, Dr. Lonnie Smith is an accomplished pianist and prominent jazz keyboardist, specializing in the Hammond B3 Organ. He tours extensively and has played alongside many of the world's jazz and rhythm n blues greats, such as Dizzy Gillespie, Grover Washington, Jr., Ron Carter, Lou Donaldson, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy

Friday, October 8, 2010

Thelonious Monk & ''Brilliant Corners''

Thelonious Monk Biography:The most important jazz musicians are the ones who are successful in creating their own original world of music with its own rules, logic, and surprises. Thelonious Monk, who was criticized by observers who failed to listen to his music on its own terms, suffered through a decade of neglect before he was suddenly acclaimed as a genius; his music had not changed one

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Faboulous Shaft Era: Johnny Pate ”Shaft In Africa”

Johnny Pate”Shaft In Africa”(Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)( LP ABC/Dunhill Records, 1973 )Catalog # ABCX-793Tracklisting:A1 You Can’t Even Walk In The Park (Opening Theme) (2:30)A2 Are You Man Enough? (Main Title) (2:10)Vocals – Four TopsA3 Aleme Finds Shaft (1:33)A4 Shaft In Africa (Addis) (3:04)A5 Headman (2:14)A6 El Jardia (3:02)B1 Are You Man Enough? (3:27)Vocals – Four TopsB2

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jazz Soul: Richard “Groove” Holmes ”The Best Of”

Richard “Groove” Holmes”The Best Of”( LP Prestige Records, 1972 )Catalog # PR 7700( Compilation )Tracklisting:A1 MistyA2 Living SoulA3 Soul Power!B1 What Now My LoveB2 Groove’s Blue GrooveB3 Boo-D-DooB4 Super SoulCredits & Info:PR 7700 The Best Of Richard “Groove” HolmesRichard “Groove” Holmes (org) Gene Edwards (g) Jimmie Smith (d)Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 3,

Mr. Richard Arnold Jackson: Richard "Groove" Holmes

Richard "Groove" HolmesReal Name:Richard Arnold JacksonProfile:b. May 2, 1931 - Camden, New Jerseyd. June 29, 1991 - St. Louis, MissouriAmerican jazz organist.Influenced by sax players, like a lot of organ players. He teamed up with Jimmy McGriff for some organ battles on the Groove Merchant label, and recorded for Muse from 1977 to 1989 with, among others, Houston Person and Melvin Sparks. He

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jazz Soul: Reuben Wilson ''A Groovy Situation''

Reuben Wilson ''A Groovy Situation''( LP Blue Note Records, 1970 )Catalog # BST 84365 Tracklisting:Signed, Sealed And Delivered, I'm Yours(same personnel, Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, September 25, 1970)Happy TogetherWhile The World Lies WaitingIf You Let Me Make Love To You Then Why Can't I Touch You (From Salvation)A Groovy SituationSweet Tooth Personnel & Notes:Earl Turbinton

Sunday, October 3, 2010

The RVG Editions - Rudy Van Gelder

Rudy Van GelderProfile:b. November 2, 1924 - Jersey City, New JerseySee DiscogsInfo & Reviews:Rudy Van Gelder started recording artists such as Miles Davis and Cannonball Adderley in the early 50's, in the comfort of his parent’s living room. It wasn't until 1959 that he opened his studio on Englewood Cliffs and along with Alfred Lion, changed the way Jazz was being recorded. In the fifty plus

Info: Download The Hammond Jazz Inventory

Download The Hammond Jazz InventoryOn this page you can download the entire contents of The Hammond Jazz Inventory as a zipped pdf file. They offer three editions. You are encouraged to download and share these files with as many people as you like. Whenever new versions of these files are available for download it will be announced on their what's new page. As an alternative you can

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jazz Labels: The Legendary Prestige Records

Prestige Records,was a record label founded in 1949 by Bob Weinstock (October 2, 1928–January 14, 2006). The label’s name was initially New Jazz, but changed to Prestige Records the next year. The label’s catalog contains a significant number of jazz classics, including renowned works by Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk and many other giants of the idiom. Weinstock

Thursday, September 30, 2010

DJ Papa Rodriguez, Isola Posse - Stop Al Panico, Lu Papa Ricky...L'Hip-Hop a Bologna.

DJ PAPPA RODRIGUEZIl vero nome era Roberto Bozzetti. Reduce di Radio Alice, pioniere dell'hip hop, personaggio di Via del Pratello. Partecipa con i suoi scratch al Demo dei Massimo Volume nel 1992.Pubblica due album per la IRMA Records: World Wide Funk (1998) e The DJ Rodriguez Football Club (2000).Muore il 3 luglio 2006 dopo mesi di coma in seguito ad un incidente stradale, provocando vasto

Book: ”The Blue Note Jazz Photography Of Francis Wolff”

”The Blue Note Jazz Photography Of Francis Wolff” Following the success of Rizzoli’s The Blue Note Years, the treasured archive of Francis Wolff photographs has been opened once again to present a previously unseen collection of dynamic images. Included are never-before-published color images from Wolff’s later years of photography. This volume is a collection of the jazz

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Various Artists ”Disco-Trek” ( LP Atlantic Records, 1976 )

Various Artists ”Disco-Trek”( LP Atlantic Records, 1976 )Catalog # SD 18158 Tracklisting:A1 Blue Magic – Look Me Up 5:52Arranged By – Vince MontanaProducer – Norman HarrisWritten-By – Al Felder , Norman HarrisA2 Sons Of Robin Stone – Got To Get You Back 4:32Producer, Arranged By, Conductor – Bobby EliWritten-By – Bobby Eli , Vinnie BarrettA3 Sister Sledge – Mama Never Told Me 5:

Monday, September 27, 2010

Kool & The Gang’s Jungle Jazz & Some KG Images

Kool & The GangProfile:Formed by Robert "Kool" Bell, his brother Ronald Bell and a bunch of their New Jersey teenage friends in the mid-60s (then called the Jazziacs), Kool & the Gang played traditional jazz in regional venues for several years, slowly morphing their style to incorporate emerging funk sounds of Sly and the Family Stone and James Brown. They were signed by the De-Lite label

The Copyright Today...It's Time To Change!

Copyright law needs a digital-age upgradeFrom the San Francisco Chronicle: Did you ever imagine you could be held liable for copyright infringement for storing your music collection on your hard drive, downloading photos from the Internet or forwarding news articles to your friends? If you did not get the copyright owner’s permission for these actions, you could be violating the law. It

Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Favourite Sound© Presents: ”The Papa Rodriguez Tribute”

My Favourite Sound© Presents: ”The Papa Rodriguez Tribute”The Early Years(Selected & Compiled by JP) Tracklisting:Aleems – Release Yourself (Aleems Mix)Arthur Baker – Jazzy Break Down (Instrumental)B-Beat Girls – Beat Classic (Vocal)Davy DMX – One For The Treble (Fresh) (Instrumental )Fantasy Three – Summer (Vocal)Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It) (Long

Soul Legends: The Staples Singers

The Staples SingersBiographyThe Staples' story goes all the way back to 1915 in Winona, MS, when patriarch Roebuck Staples entered the world. A contemporary and familiar of Charley Patton, Roebuck quickly became adept as a solo blues guitarist, entertaining at local dances and picnics. He was also drawn to the church, and by 1937 he was singing and playing guitar with the Golden Trumpets, a

Friday, September 24, 2010

Books/Works: Giorgio Cencetti ''Storia E Fortuna Dell' Organo Hammond''


Books: Jazz & Popular Guides

The Penguin Guide to Jazz Recordings:Ninth Edition (Paperback)by Richard Cook, Brian MortonBuy at AmazonAll Music Guide to Jazz :The Definitive Guide to Jazz Music (Paperback)Buy at AmazonAll Music Guide:The Definitive Guide To Popular Music, 4th Edition (Paperback)Buy at Amazon

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Favourite Sound© Presents: ”Speciale Philadelphia” Radio Program

My Favourite Sound© Presents:”Speciale Philadelphia” Radio ProgramRecorded at Ciao Radio FM/Bologna, 1990Philadelphia International Records Radio SpecialMusic selected by JPWith:Archie Bell & The DrellsJerry ButlerJean CarneGamble and HuffThe IntrudersThe Jackson 5Patti LaBelleMFSBMcFadden & WhiteheadHarold Melvin & the Blue NotesPeople's ChoiceVincent Montana, Jr.The O’JaysBilly PaulTeddy

Books: ''The Beat!''

The Beat! was the first book to explore the musical, social, and cultural phenomenon of go-go music. In this new edition, updated by a substantial chapter on the current scene, authors Kip Lornell and Charles C. Stephenson, Jr., place go-go within black popular music made since the middle 1970s--a period during which hip-hop has predominated. This styling reflects the District's African

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Candido ”Thousand Finger Man” ( LP Solid State Records, 1969 )

Candido”Thousand Finger Man”( LP Solid State Records, 1969 )Also on Blue Note RecordsCatalog # SS-5226642Tracklisting:Jump BackCome On Choo-Choo TrainSoul LimboTony’s Theme (from the film Lady In Cement)Hallelujah! I’m Comin’ HomeThousand Finger ManPersonnel:Candido Camero- congas, bongos on “Hallelujah! I’m Comin’ Home,” add bongos on “Thousand Finger Man;”Pat Russo, Jimmy Sedlar- trumpet;Alan

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Go Go Lexicon (And Radio Program Live From 1990)

The Go Go Lexicon(And Radio Program Live From 1990)Radio Program (1990 Cassette Recording)Recorded at Ciao Radio FM (Bologna-Italy)(Not speaked-this is only a music program)If you wanna Go Go, let’s get initiate…Thanks to Stuart Cosgrove, black Echoes and New Musical Express.This is the first comprehensive GoGo vocabulary commented lexicon.THE BOMB : IS THE MASSIVE EXPLOSION OF FUNK!.Bomb is

Thursday, September 16, 2010

WKTU FM-NY ”The Battle Of The Disco DJs” (1982)

WKTU FM-NY”The Battle Of The Disco DJs” (1982)Tracklisting:Part 1:DJs: Tony Sanchez, Aldo Marin & José ”The Animal” DiazPart 2:DJs: John ”Jellybean” Benitez & David Colonna SpanisiNotes:Recorded on mixtape in NYC, approx. 1982 from WKTU FM Radio.A MFS© Production, 2009Ripped from mixtape.La storia:Nel 1982 feci il mio unico viaggio negli USA, a New York. Avevo 21 anni ed ero appena tornato dalla

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Big Tony Of Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up! Straight Up Funk Go Go Style

Big Tony (Tony Fisher) of Trouble Funk Trouble Funk Origin Washington DC, United States Genres Go-goFunk Years active 1978–Present Labels Sugar HillIsland Members Timothius "Tee-Bone" DavidBig Tony Fisherothers Former members Emmett "EJ Roxx" NixonMack CareyTimothius "Tee-Bone" DavidChester "Boogie" DavisBig Tony FisherJames "Doc" AveryGerald ReedRobert "Syke Dyke" ReedTaylor "

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life.

Cover of the UK edition ofLast Night a DJ Saved my Life (1999) - Brewster and Broughton [] [FR] [DE] [UK] From Publishers Weekly:Beginning with the contention that the disc jockey is "dance music's most important figure," Brewster and Broughton persuasively argue that the contemporary DJ is the epitome of the postmodern artist and that disc jockeys have long influenced the

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Kay-Gees ''Gang''!

The Kay-Gees(Who's the man with the masterplan?)Members:Amir Bayyan, Callie Cheek, Dennis White , Kevin Lassiter, Michael Cheek, Peter Duarte, Ray Wright, Wilson BecketProfile:Songs written and produced by Kool & the Gang's Ronald Bell. In the mid 1970's, they had a very funky feel, with great chunky basslines ("Masterplan") and guitar scratching ("Hustle wit' every muscle"). Other great songs of

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Blackbyrds: ''Do It....Fluid!''

The Blackbyrds The original Blackbyrds were formed in 1973 by jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd.The line up consisted of:Allan Curtis Barnes (b.1949, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.) (reeds)Barney Perry (b.1953, Buffalo, New York, U.S.A.) (guitar)Kevin Kraig Toney (b.1953 Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.) (keyboards)Joseph Hall, III (b.1954, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.) (bass)Pericles Jacobs, Jr. (b.1951, Washington,

Monday, September 6, 2010


Carissimi lettori/ascoltatori/seguaci ecc. ecc..di MFS,dopo 2 mesi dalla chiusura definitiva di MFS come blog dove si scaricava liberamente musica, è arrivato il momento di fare un piccolo bilancio.Per prima cosa devo dire che il 'monumentale' ex-blog ci dava un sacco di problemi e poche soddisfazioni, sì certo aver avuto quasi 3 milioni di visite in 4 anni non è cosa da poco, ma la maggioranza

Sunday, September 5, 2010

“I never made a dance record, I made records you can dance to.” – Tom Moulton

MFS Radio Presents:''A Tom Moulton Mix''(The Tom Moulton Tribute)Tracklisting:1. The Trammps - Disco Inferno (Instrumental Edit)2. The Trammps - Love Epidemic3. Philly Devotions - Hurts So Bad4. South Shore Commission - Free Man5. Moment Of Truth - So Much For Love (Instrumental)6. Sons Of Robin Stone - Got To Get You Back7. Papa John Creach - Joyce8. Sarah Dash - Sinner Man9. Love Committee -

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dimitri from Paris presents "Get Down With The Philly Sound" from BBE Music on Vimeo.

Dimitri from Paris presents "Get Down With The Philly Sound" from BBE Music on Vimeo.

"Doctor Love" (1977) *A Tribute to Rochelle Fleming and First Choice*

The Faboulous Crown Heights Affair!

The Crown Heights Affair Biography:Like Earth, Wind & Fire and Kool & the Gang before them, Crown Heights Affair artfully bridged the gap between funk and disco, guaranteeing their records new life via sampling by successive generations of rappers and DJs. Originally dubbed New Day Express, the group formed in Brooklyn, NY, in 1967, originally comprising lead vocalist Philip Thomas,

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Info: Philly ReGrooved: Tom Moulton Remixes Now Available!

''Philly ReGrooved: Tom Moulton Remixes''Products profile:Artist: VARIOUS Title: Philly ReGrooved: Tom Moulton Remixes (FREE DELIVERY) Label: Harmless Cat: HURTCD 100 Format: unmixed CD Released: 6 September, 2010 Price: £6.80 Genre: Disco/Nu-Disco Playlist:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Salsoul & Philly Legends: Instant Funk ”Get Down With The Philly Jump”

Instant Funk”Get Down With The Philly Jump”( LP T.S.O.P. Records, 1976 )Catalog # PZ 34358Tracklisting:A1 It Ain’t Reaggae (But It’s Funky) (3:51)Arranged By – Bunny Sigler , Kim MillerWritten-By – B. Sigler, K. MillerA2 The Mack Is Back (3:15)Arranged By – Bunny SiglerWritten-By – B. SiglerA3 Philly Jump (5:10)Arranged By – Ron KerseyWritten-By – B. Sigler, T. LifeA4 Give Me Your Love (3:27)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salsoul & Philly Legends: The First Choice

First ChoiceProfile:The '70s Philly disco vocal group First Choice's first big breakthrough was the infectious "Armed and Extremely Dangerous". Rochelle Fleming, Joyce Jones, and Chester, PA, native Annette Guest were originally known as the Debonettes and performed around Philadelphia.Lead singer Rochelle Fleming and Annette Guest were part of a vocal quintet when both were students at

Friday, August 27, 2010

Info: Interview with Tom Moulton - The Godfather Of Mixology

Interview with Tom Moulton - The Godfather Of Mixology and Reid Whitelaw from Philly Groove Records talking about the upcoming "Philly Re-Grooved" project released on Monday 30th August 2010 on Harmless Records

Info: Jay Negron's new mix on MyDiscoMixes Blog - Recommended!

DJ Jay Negron.Jay started his career as a DJ at the early 70's at places like the Last Laff (1973-74),the Playhouse (1974-75),Act III (1976),Tropicalia (1976-1980) and Pegasus (1980-1982)!He is still giving us his magic with his influential mixes at New York's Disco935 every Saturday from 8PM till 11PM East time!!!!!!CD 1:*Misdeameanor - Foster Sylvers (Danny Krivit Mix)*Fantasy - Earth Wind &

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Go-Go D.C. Sound: Redds & The Boys: Put Your Right Hand In The Air/Stick Your Left Hand Down Your Underwear

missfunkyflyy | 18 de junho de 2010 From 1985, a still one of my favorite Go-Go jams! Redds & the Boys go for the groin with "Put Your Right Hand In The Air/Stick Your Left Hand Down Your Underwear". This is my tribute to Redds & The Boys and the man who got Go-Go on vinyl to begin with; Maxx Kidd.In the mid-80's, I was fortunate enough to speak with

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Info: BBR Records Reissuing Three Degrees & Harold Melvin

BBR - Big Break Records are reissuing The Three Degress and Harold Melvin and the Bluenotes albums:The Three Degress " Take Good care of yourself expanded editionThe debut album from the Three Degress is also availableHarold Melvin and the Bluenotes " I need you" expanded editionThe albums are out on October 11thMore info:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Info: ''Philly ReGrooved'' - Tom Moulton Remixes

Later this summer, early dance music innovator Tom Moulton will be celebrated on a new CD, Philly ReGrooved - Tom Moulton Remixes.Beginning in the early '70s, Moulton devised a style of "mixing down" records that became essential to DJs and dance music culture. In short, Moulton's technique involved taking away elements from the original multi-track, repeating important melodies and passages

Monday, August 9, 2010

The Legendary John Luongo!

John Patrick Luongo1973: John Luongo graduated from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. While supporting himself through school by working in radio as a top DJ personality and in Boston's top nightclubs, John came up with the concept for a weekly syndicated dance show. The show was picked up by the Knight Quality Stations (

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Info: Rappamelo

Fra i sites e blogs che abbondano in Web, noi di MFS pensiamo che Rappamelo sia uno dei migliori. A parte il layout bellissimo, fa un discorso musicale molto interessante e vario, aprendo spazi sempre nuovi e diversi per l'ascolto. Con critiche e reviews sempre azzeccate, e con una scelta musicale invidiabile, ve lo segnaliamo e raccomandiamo.Ci sembra giusto e doveroso dire che Rappamelo è un

Friday, August 6, 2010

Walter Gibbons ''Jungle Music: Essential & Unreleased Remixes 1976-1986''

Walter Gibbons''Jungle Music: Essential & Unreleased Remixes 1976-1986''( 2010, Strut Records )Tracklisting:Disc 1:01 Jakki: "Sun… Sun… Sun… (Walter Gibbons original 12" edit)"02 Double Exposure: "Ten Percent (Walter Gibbons 12" mix)"03 TC James & the Fist O'Funk Orchestra: "Get Up on Your Feet (Keep on Dancin') (Walter Gibbons mix)"04 Gladys Knight: "It's a Better Than Good Time (Walter Gibbons

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The curious disappearance of blogetery. (from CNN News)

It was a free blogging service - until it disappeared, taken down for "violating its terms of service." Hardly unheard of, except that the reasons for's disappearance were a little more complicated.Blogetery is hardly a giant of the virtual world. It was run by one man, Alexander Yusupov, out of Toronto, Canada. Yusupov says it hosted tens of thousands of blogs and online forums

Monday, August 2, 2010

Old Posts Covers...

Some of our old posts when the blog was free & open...These posts are dated from 2006 to approx. 2009....Much that you see now on music blogs and/or the Web is only a repetition?...Have the still open music blogs a/some future?What about the copyright policy of today?

Wax Poetics Issue 42

Wax Poetics Issue 42

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

La Figura del DJ Secondo Wikipedia.

La figura del DJ. Il disc jockey o più comunemente dj è un intrattenitore che si occupa della musica trasmessa in un ambiente, selezionando (a seconda del suo stile, delle occasioni e dei gusti del pubblico) brani musicali di vario genere attraverso la tecnica del mixaggio (in inglese mix, miscelazione) in modo da unire più tracce in sequenza da supporti musicali come il disco vinile, il cd

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

From ''Deleting Music'' site: Is copyright getting in the way of us preserving our history?

Is copyright getting in the way of us preserving our history? Photo by Betsian There was a very interesting opinion piece by Victor Keegan in the Media Guardian today. It’s worth reading the whole thing of course, but I’ve excerpted it to give you an idea here. It’s certainly no stretch to see just how this impacts recorded music as much as anything else… Is copyright getting in the way of us

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Why Nomemix and Blogetery don't work?

June 30, 2010 "Operation In Our Sites" targets Internet movie piratesICE, Manhattan U.S. Attorney seize multiple Web sites for criminal copyright violations.LOS ANGELES - U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) announced the launch Wednesday of "Operation In Our Sites," a new initiative aimed at Internet counterfeiting

Friday, July 23, 2010

Little consideration.

Hi dear folks...I am trying to write in english, it's not my language but i have something to say.After saw a lot of comments on other blogs that had closed (''thanks, we are missed you, you had made a great work, etc.''), or many other blogs here on Blogspot or WordPress that continues free and happy posting on print cds....sorry but we had made a change of opinion about blogging.Here on

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bellissimo commento!

Arrivato per e-mail:''Mi scuso se non scrivo in inglese, ho letto che ci sono delle persone straniere che collaborano ma preferisco scrivervi in italiano per essere il più chiaro possibile.da quando ho iniziato l'attività del blog (agosto 2007) ho sempre avuto gli stessi problemi, nell'ultimo anno poi sono quasi triplicati, ho attraversato grazie a blogger e affini chiusure su chiusure manco

Friday, July 2, 2010

Our last post...but the story continues...

Our last post is dedicated to Bill, a great friend of us and an example of one of our dudes. He wrote: ”I was worried this day would come. I`m devastated that it has and the bastards have won. Your blog was the one that REALLY changed my life. My circumstances had changed, I could no longer trawl 2nd hand record stores and fairs for that elusive LP. Then I found MFS and I could!!I can`t

Thursday, July 1, 2010

MFS Cambia.

MFS Cambia! Ragazzi siamo alle note finali....Siamo stanchi dei continui crash di Nomemix e Baywords, della lentezza e del pericolo di Blogetery (sono negli USA) e dei pochissimi commenti che pervengono, e dall'atmosfera generale (il discorso blog è un po' caduto) nonchè dal clima di caccia alle streghe (vedi MyJazzWorld), ...per non parlare di Rapidshare.... Troppi rischi, troppe

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baywords is back!

Running WordPress 3.0 Posted on June 29, 2010Comments Off We finally took the time to upgrade to WordPress 3.0. All blogs should now be running the new system flawlessly! Note!:You had another MFS archives story off for comments & participation fault:MFS© Our History on Baywords(2006-2010) – 3.530 Posts – 2.332.792 Visitors In 4 Years

Sad, bad, a shame for all the free internet community: My Jazz World quits....

From My Jazz World blog:I call it quits! June 29th, 2010Posted in General InfoBy SmoothWrite comment I have been running this blog for the love of music and the preservation of the art form for quite a while now. My visitors included musicians, students, producers, and music aficionados from all over the world. Many people have expressed their gratitude for my work and

Di male in peggio...notizie dal Bel Paese

NESSUN TELEGIORNALE HA AVUTO IL PERMESSO DI DIFFONDERE QUESTA NOTIZIAIeri il Senato ha approvato il cosiddetto pacchetto sicurezza (D.d..L. 733) tra gli altri con un emendamento del senatore Gianpiero D'Alia (UDC) identificato dall'articolo 50-bis: "Repressione di attività di apologia o istigazione a delinquere compiuta a mezzo internet"; la prossima settimana Il testo approderà alla Camera

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Info: Focus on Detroit

From Dyson Show ( June 7, 2010 by Staff · Leave a Comment Jack Ashford is one of the original Funk BrothersToday’s edition of the Michael Eric Dyson Show is all about Detroit—the Motor City, Motown, the “D.” Whatever name you prefer to call it, the fact is that few cities have had a greater impact on the country’s economic, social, and cultural

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Important Notice!

Downtime As some of you noticed, including a number of major media organizations, had some unexpected downtime on Thursday evening. Whether you’re eating delicious BBQ, as I was, watching a marathon, or about to post your opus, downtime is an annoying interruption and we hate it. This had nothing to do with our network providers,

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Favourite Links

Add here (comments) all the links you want and that you need.We are:My Favourite Sound© Private Edition (Members Only)My Favourite Sound© Radio Edition (DJ’s & Radio Podcasts)My Favourite Sound© Podcast (Podomatic)My Favourite Sound© On Soundcloud My Favourite Sound© Wanted (Wanted List)My Favourite Links Blog ServiceMFS Our History (2006-2010)Important note:§ 107. Limitations on exclusive rights

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Libri: Max De Giovanni ''Disco Selector. Professione dj, la storia.''

''Disco Selector. Professione dj, la storia.''Autore: Max De Giovanni. Editrice Moderna. Ravenna. 2008Il libro racconta una storia, quella della professione del dj: come è nata, si è sviluppata ed affermata nel tempo,evidenziando i tre fattori che ne hanno determinato le svolte.L'autore ha rintracciato ed intervistato i grandi protagonisti della consolle italiana e di 50 ne ha inserito le

What happened with Baywords?

Interessanti ''aggiornamenti''...sembra che WordPress abbia colpito ancora....At TPB they said:''There are no new owners of TPB, it was never sold. And professional or not, the service is a free service without advertisements. Sorry to say, but we have a lot of other things to work on and not just TPB things either. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, but it's not a rush priority right

Libri: Lino Patruno ''Quando il Jazz aveva Swing''

Lino PatrunoQuando il Jazz aveva SwingEditoriale Pantheon 2009Pagine 218 Euro 14,50Una vita passata con indosso il jazz, quello tradizionale, vero e ruggente. La summa dell'ultima fatica editoriale di Lino Patruno, artista a tutto tondo nel panorama culturale italiano e non solo, potrebbe riassumersi nelle poche parole introduttive. Un libro agile che sciorina gli autorevoli e significativi

Monday, April 26, 2010


Ieri sera guardavo um programma della TV brasiliana, ‘’Roda Viva’’, nel quale si affrontavano i ‘’problemi’’ e i cambiamenti che l’Internet provoca su di noi e sul nostro stile di vita. Si è parlato anche, e lungamente, di copyright e di grandi compagnie, di Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter.Programma molto interessante devo dire, me lo sono ‘’bevuto’’... letteralmente.L’ho visto in televisione,

Di male in peggio!

Tassa sull’equo compenso, arrivano i primi rincari sui prodotti hi-tech di Mauro Munafò Il ritocco al rialzo dei listini dei dispositivi di archiviazione di ogni tipo, dai lettori mp3 ai decoder tv, è la conseguenza del decreto Bondi, che estende il balzello da pagare alla Siae già esistente sui cd vergini