Thursday, November 25, 2010

Funk & Jazz Funk: The Three Pieces' “Vibes Of Truth”

The Three Pieces “Vibes Of Truth”( LP Fantasy Records, 1975 )Catalog # F-9476Note:This goes to DJ Miki of Ciak-Bologna...Vibes of truth man!Tracklisting:A1 – I Need You Girl (4:10)A2 – Backed Up Against The Wall (4:26)A3 – Vibes Of Truth (4:30)A4 – Shortin’ Bread (4:31)B1 – Self Dealin’ (3:54)B2 – Concrete Jungle (5:20)B3 – If Only I Could Prove To You (3:56)B4 – Cool It (3:29)B5 – Virtue (3:30)

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