Thursday, May 31, 2012

What is Skimmer For

What is special about this skimmer / spoon and what it does? No need to worry, the term may be unknown, but the spoon should never be. We all use the spoon at one time or another, because they are an inseparable part of the family kitchen cutlery. Anyone familiar with the kitchen has seen one of them and perhaps use them. I'll give you a hint, a touch. The spoons come in all shapes and sizes, and have holes or cracks in the ... say something?

Look, I told you it would be a skimmer is used to help recover some of the solid, liquid, allowing liquid to seep through the cracks and return to pot. They were made with holes to make cooking easier and less dangerous, this spoon was created to separate the hot oil fried foods, which protects the fingers and hands burned chef with oil spills, and explosions of bubbles. These spoons are generally very long handles that give the chef enough distance to stay away from the stove. Acts as a sieve which retains the liquid in the cooking vessel while being able to separate the solid food for consumption.

Behind the skimmer
Traditionally, during 1700 the first spoonful of this type has been specially designed to be used for the manufacture of liquor and hallucinogen called wormwood, was once nearly 90% more powerful than those sold today. This absinthe spoon or ladle then called the green fairy, was used to hold the pieces of sugar in which liquid is poured to flavor alcoholic drinks. The following examples use clearer for you.

Use a spoon / Skimmer

Helps eliminate fried foods from hot oil, like French fries, fried chicken, sausages, etc.
  1. To separate the water boiling food, such as pasta, noodles.
  2. To separate the vegetables from the broth or sauce.
  3. To separate the water boiled vegetables.
  4. To serve the pieces on the board.
  5. To remove the sugar syrup in fruit preserves.
  6. To remove the ice cubes in drinks.
  7. To remove food sauces.

The spoons come in different shapes and sizes depending on the food portions or servings. Two types of slotted spoon for kitchen and one another to restore the decorative. The slotted spoon to eat a very attractive design them that make each piece unique. The size of the slotted serving spoon can be used for a dining table for smaller portions. The bags large spoons of different sizes of greater capacity and are often used to eliminate much of the meat from the pan. These spoons are also useful for draining food.

You can buy stainless steel spoons on the market, but they are very affordable as stainless steel is not very expensive and durable. These stainless steel spoons are not allowed to develop bacteria or germs in their holes as they are very easy to clean. Although these can not be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. These spoons can be made of all sorts of materials, steel, plastic, wood or teflon and have various designs in which there must always be around. Plastic spoons Slots are considered the easiest to use, but they also have a disadvantage because there is no guarantee if the spoon may melt or less when put in contact with a hot pot or pan. The quality of plastic and should be checked before purchase. Must be of good quality, no added dyes are toxic to them. These plastic spoons are safe for the dishwasher. Carved wooden spoons remain for years, if used correctly, are not heated and are easy to clean. Only that you should never put in the dishwasher or damaged or even removed. There are elegant and spoons made of money, you can add to your collection of silverware please.