Monday, December 19, 2011

''We're Gonna Lick The World!'': The Blackbyrds' ''Cornbread, Earl And Me'' OST (1975)

The Blackbyrds''Cornbread, Earl And Me''Original Sound Track( LP Fantasy Records, 1975 )Catalog # F-9483Tracklisting:A1 Cornbread 3:11A2 The One-Eye Two-Step 3:19A3 Mother / Son Theme 1:29A4 A Heavy Town 2:58A5 One-Gun Salute 1:59A6 The Gym Fight 1:52A7 Riot 3:18B1 Soulful Source 3:49B2 Mother / Son Talk 1:05B3 At The Carnival 2:49B4 Candy Store Dilemma 1:33B5 Wilford's Gone 2:20B6 Mother / Son

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